Health and Safety

Clearcreek Contractors is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for the benefit of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the general public. It is our firm belief that all work related injuries and illnesses are preventable and therefore it is our goal to have a workplace that is free from occupational injuries and illnesses. Through careful planning, coordination and oversight, every attempt is made to eliminate injuries and illnesses. No aspect of our work, including expediency and cost, take precedence over the health and safety of our employees or others on our job sites. We believe our commitment to our safety culture is reflected in the Washington state Experience Factor and the OSHA Incident Rate which are both well below that national and industry standards. This outstanding performance record is a result of our well trained employees, up-to-date programs and procedures, and corporate commitment to health and safety programs. As a testament to the excellence of our program, Clearcreek's 2004 Labor and Industry job site inspection received no violations or warnings.  Major elements of Clearcreek's Health and Safety Program includes:  


​Written Health and Safety Plans: Our corporate health and safety program includes a written Accident Prevention Plan (APP) specific to the hazards of our industry. From our APP, we derive Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (SSHSP) for each and every job prior to mobilization to the job site. Our SSHSP include job safety analysis (JSA) for each task that will be completed during the project. Before beginning work at Clearcreek, employees are trained on the APP and the health and safety culture. Then employees are briefed on the SSHSP prior to beginning work at a job site and whenever changes are made to the plan.​​​

​Training: Clearcreek believes that well trained employees are the key to our success. All of our field employees have 40 hour HAZWOPER and 8 hour refresher training. Supervisors and a large number of our other employees are CPR/ first aid trained. Other training includes lead and asbestos awareness training, asbestos worker, erosion and sediment control lead, UST decommissioning, UST installation and retrofitting, confined space training, defensive driving, CDL licensing, trenching and excavation safety and soil classification, and traffic control flagger. We are also one of the few contractors in the Puget Sound with Loss Prevention System training (LPS).​

​Drug and Alcohol Program:  All of our employees receive pre-employment drug testing. Employees are also subject to post accident and suspicion drug and alcohol testing. We also actively participate in a random drug and alcohol consortium through our local occupational health clinic.​

Site Inspections:​  Site Superintendents conduct weekly inspections on each of our sites. Our sites are also subject to inspection by the Project Managers, Construction Managers and our Health and Safety Manager on a regular basis.​

​Health and Safety Meetings:  Toolbox health and safety meetings are conducted and recorded daily on all our job sites. We have weekly operations meetings, monthly supervisors meetings and quarterly all hands meetings. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset in having a successful health and safety program because their input is invaluable in evaluating the effectiveness of our program.​

Accident/Near Miss Reporting and Investigation:  Clearcreek encourages the participation of our employees in accident prevention through hazard identification and near miss reporting. We recognize that proactively identifying, assessing and eliminating or controlling both health and safety hazards to acceptable levels can achieve accident prevention. However when accidents do occur they are investigated by the Site Supervisor and Health and Safety Manager with a focus on identifying the root cause. By directing corrective measures at root causes, the likelihood of problem recurrence is minimized.​

​Standing Operating Procedures:  Clearcreek has developed a set of SOPs to include proper maintenance and repair of equipment, equipment operator training, spill prevention, emergency response and accident reporting. We have a dedicated mechanic to ensure the safe and proper operation of our tools and equipment. Equipment operators receive classroom and on the job training for the equipment that they operate.​

At Clearcreek, we have made great strides in our health and safety awareness. We are proud of where we are with our health and safety program, but are constantly looking to improve. We are continually doing program review as new information becomes available. We will continue to commit time and resources to our health and safety program.