Clearcreek Contractors is now 

part of Holt Services, Inc.

Everything it takes
to get the job done right.

When you select Clearcreek Contractors for your project, you'll work with knowledgeable professionals with the equipment, experience, and dedication to complete your job promptly, safely, to your specifications and your total satisfaction. From simple one-day projects to complex, multi-faceted, long-term projects.


Site Development and Utility Work
Clearcreek Contractors boasts a team of dedicated foremen and laborers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the many aspects of utility work.  We pride ourselves on performing efficiently in the dynamic and unpredictable world of site remediation and underground utilities.


Dig and Haul Soil Remediation
Clearcreek Contractors provides a complete set of construction services for large and small environmental dig and haul projects, including ground water management, shoring, utility removal/replacement, and restoration.  We've provided these services on shoreline, city street, remote island, and mountain top environments.


Streams, Shores and Wetlands
​Clearcreek Contractors is committed to establishing strong working relationships with environmental consultants and oversight agencies to ensure proper restoration of delicate wetland and shoreline ecosystems.  This approach has resulted in Clearcreek being chosen time and again for emergency response remediation projects.


Environmental Consulting Support
Clearcreek Contractors provides miscellaneous services often needed by our customers. Including, but not limited to, test pitting, application of in-situ treatment products, odor suppression, and utility repairs. 

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Mechanical Remediation
Clearcreek Contractors has constructed over 100 mechanical remediation systems.  Our employees are skilled in the various trades required for a mechanical remediation system installation.


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